LucasArts “excited” by prospect of lightsaber game

We want one. You want one. Every-bloody-one wants one. So why aren’t we playing a motion-controlled lightsaber game, like, right now? Dunno really, but LucasArts are excited about doing one in the future.

Speaking to MVC, LucasArts CEO Darrell Rodriguez kept our dreams of decapitating Boba Fett Jedi-style alive, by saying, “I’m very excited by the new interfaces, either Natal, Move or iPad. It’s something we’re definitely watching and we will consider in the future.”

Rodriguez continued, “The regular suggestion of a lightsaber game is one of the reasons why we are excited about it – but we’ll keep looking at it and see what we can do. No commitment to talk about now, though.”

When my Dad used to say, “I’ll see what I can do” – it meant yes. We’re taking it as a yes. A firm, certain, Q4 2011 yes.