Next Red Faction subtitled Armageddon, Origin?

Domain registrations dug up by superannuation may have revealed the title of THQ’s next Red Faction title. It appears to be either Red Faction: Armageddon or Red Faction: Origin(s), which could fit well considering the new game “kind of goes back to the old Red Faction“.

We should know for sure in June; the game’s been confirmed to have a presence at E3.

THQ is planning a big presence at the event in general. According to CEO Brian Farrell, the company will demonstrate “what these current [consoles] can do” and hopes to “blow people away,” as he said earlier in the year.

The new Red Faction itself has been said to build on Guerrilla‘s destroy-everything game engine and offer a robust multiplayer component. And let’s not forget the “insane upgrades“.