PlayStation Store to now update on Tuesdays

Since the launch of the PlayStation 3 over three years ago, the PlayStation Network has always updated its content every Thursday. That’s about to change. Sony’s sent word via the official Playstation Blog that PSN update day is moving up (or down depending on how you look at it) to Tuesdays from here on out.

One of the main criticisms levied against releasing their content on Thursdays has been the slight delay between release of multiple platform content like downloadable games, as Microsoft usually releases Xbox Live Arcade games on Wednesday, and now the tide has shifted to the opposite direction.

Today marks the last Thursday that PSN will update on, and they’ll be starting up this upcoming Tuesday with a bit of a bang as Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package DLC will arrive on PS3 along with the PSP release of Fat Princess: A Fistful of Cake.