No Activision/Bungie bonanza for E3

The problem with this whole Activison/Bungie announcement is that it’s probably going to be absolutely ages until we see what they’re actually working on together. There were hopes that E3 would reveal all, but now they’ve been dashed.

Bungie’s community boss Brian Jarrad has said “definitely not” to showing the game for the first time in LA come June, despite saying it may show up yesterday. “I can tell you we’re definitely not showing the game at E3. It’s definitely our intent to make this announcement and return to business as usual and know that we don’t have to worry about our future any more.”

Instead, the team will be keeping Halo: Reach in the spotlight this year, “We definitely want to focus on Reach. We have a lot of work to go, and we have the game to get out the door and to support, so you won’t be hearing anything about this project this year. It’s going to be all Reach for us in terms of where our public focus lies.”

So don’t hold your breath for the fruits of this announcement anytime soon.