Obsidian’s axed Aliens RPG ‘looked and felt ready’

Exactly why Sega decided to pull the plug on the long-in-development Aliens RPG last summer remains a mystery, but apparently it wasn’t because of any feet dragging on developer Obsidian’s part.

According to CEO Feargus Urquhart, the game was very close to completion. So close in fact that it apparently played like a finished product.

“..if you had come in and played any of the last builds we were working on, you would have said it was a finished game,” Urquhart tells Joystiq. “That’s how close we were. It looked and felt like it was ready to ship.”

The game was first announced in 2006 and was one of three Aliens titles in Sega’s line-up. The second, Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator, was released earlier this year and became Sega’s fastest-selling title of all time while the third, Gearbox’s squad-based Aliens: Colonial Marines (pictured), is still deep in development and has CEO Randy Pitchford “really excited“.