The MMO Round-up / May 2

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

APB set a release date, revealed the pricing model and is now taking pre-orders.

The world is over as we know it, Avatar producer is interested in turning the movie into an MMO.

Star Trek Online tries to reel in unconvinced players, beaming down a demo next Friday

APB community manager Chris Collins lays down some details on the game’s missions and zoning features.

MMORTS Trion gets renamed Heroes of Telara and we’ve already forgotten its name. From now it will be simply refered to as “that MMORTS game”.

CCP revives an Icelandic award for exports. The company won for their game EVE Online.

When an influential fantasy writer like R.A. Salvatore speaks, we listen, especially when it involves his latest project Copernicus.

This sweet video of DS9 being attacked in Star Trek Online is for all the Star Trek fans out there.

Rumor on the street is that Vanguard is looking at some possible server merges. Never a good thing for MMOs to have to do.

Jagex founders and creators of the RuneScape join the list of richest people in the UK as they have been seen bathing in gold coins.

Runes of Magic show of some special mounts that players can enjoy.

The banhammer came crashing down hard on hackers and such in Mortal Online.

The suit between NCSoft and has been dropped and reportedly settled out of court.

Guild Wars 2 blog went live and ArenaNet released some fancy new art to boot.

On the fence about coming back to Darkfall? Maybe some free play time will change your mind.

Want to level but can’t be bothered with actually playing? Well Age of Conan is going to let you gain experience while offline.

Issue 17 for City of Heroes went live and released a nice launch trailer for all of us to enjoy.

Patch 06: Edge of the Astral released this week for Allods Online.

Fallen Earth developer diary details respecs and addresses the melee animation changes.

That gorgeous 2.0 update for Aion dropped onto the Korean test servers, hopefully Europe and North America are not too far behind.

ArenaNet reveals a good chunk of information regarding Guild Wars 2’s combat system.

CCP fixes invisibility exploit in EVE Online through a hotfix.

The overhaul to Alganon are finished and the game is looking to relaunch soon.

Dungeon Fighter Online added in guilds and new subclasses.

Star Trek Online now offering rewards for veteran players and offering free trials.

Say what now? Free Realms is coming to the PS3.

Fallen Earth developers Icarus Studios announced a bunch of restructuring within the company.

Tasos of Darkfall got back to players and addressed some of their feedback.

Mystery countdown on Planetside’s website sparked some speculation from players.

Get some free stuff in Star Wars Galaxies in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back.