Bungie job listings hint at future project’s nature

There isn’t much, or anything really, known about Bungie’s post-Halo, Activision-published property, and any solid information will likely have to wait until this Reach business if over and done with. Until that happens though, we can surely count on LinkedIn profiles and, whaddaya know, the occasional job listing or two to feed us a few bits here and there.

Job listings on Bungie’s website suggest that the developer is looking to create a more complex narrative component than what any of its Halo titles have offered. Besides the usual # of year experience etc requirements, a listing for a lead writer points out that having experience with “branching or non-linear narrative” is a plus.

Additionally, a “player investment designer” is also wanted, and will be tasked with creating “worlds imbued with real value and consequence” and giving players “long-term goals to invest them in the world and their character”.

Sounds RPGish, no?