“Astronepic” Two Worlds II dated for September

SouthPeak has dated Two Worlds II. The TopWare-developed massively improved sequel will be out in September — the 14th in North America and 17th in the UK — and the two companies appear very confident in the title. Enough so that they’ve come up with a new word to describe the product: “astronepic”. Because plain ol’ “epic” is not just good enough.

“Yeah, it’s that good,” SouthPeak’s VP of marketing Richard Iggo says of the game.

Not the first time they’re tooting their own horn, either. The game’s been said to include some “out of this world sh*t” and, according to managing director James Seaman, is taking the role-playing genre “a huge leap forward”.

The game’s coming to all PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.