Rage developer comments on post-apocalyptic parallels with Borderlands

Though both have you running and gunning through a Mad-Maxian post apocalyptic wasteland, Rage developer id Software insists that their upcoming anger-infused shooter doesn’t share much in common with Gearbox Software’s Borderlands, other than an affinity for Mister Gibson’s early body of work.

“I can see [fans of ‘Borderlands‘] drawing comparisons – and people naturally want to draw parallels between existing things – but no, we’re not just making another ‘Doom‘ here. It’s something new for us,” said Design Director Matt Hooper in an interview with MTV Multiplayer. “It’s not a bad thing that people [draw comparisons]. I just hope that people get more information and see demos and really realize what makes Rage so unique. Even if this post-apocalyptic wasteland seems familiar at first.”

Rage hopes to distinguish itself through the sheer level of detail put into its ravaged world’s design, and that doesn’t just mean trading monsters for mutants. “Rage is not a procedural landscape with heavy RPG elements and a billion weapons,” said Hooper, a knock to Gearbox’s surprisingly successful hybridization of FPS and RPG. “It’s a very crafted, focused, action shooter with a level of attention to detail that’s just off the charts. It’s all about creating a rich universe to use the array of weapons and options at the player’s disposal.”

As long as that “rich universe” includes a couple of crazy dudes with mohawks, maybe a midget, consider my post-apocalyptic expectations met, even if I do have to wait until 2011.