Rage now slated for 2011

id Software’s post-apocalyptic vision of the future, Rage, has been pushed to 2011, it’s been confirmed.

Thanks to new publishing mothership Bethesda, the FPS legends have been allowed more time and funds to “to do better stuff”.

Lead designer Tim Willits explains the reasoning, “The great thing about being a part of the Zenimax/Bethesda family is they’re like, listen, you guys make the best game you can make. We won’t get in the way, and we’ll get you what you need. So John Carmack [technical director] can focus on making awesome, and we can focus on making the game as great as we can.”

“We’ve actually added some stuff that we weren’t planning on having. But we were like hey, we have this opportunity, we have more resources, let’s see if we can go better on this. Ultimately that works out better for the fans. Then plus we also looked at our line-up and where things were slated to ship, which also has some input.

“But really the big factor is they’ve given us the opportunity to do better stuff and to make it even more polished. If we screw this up it would be horrible. It is a brand new IP. We have a lot riding on this and we need to make sure it’s awesome.”

Willits has previously said that making a new intellectual property allows them to “blow past any expectations” players may have for a new game from the Quake and Doom developer.

A fresh batch of screenshots came today, too. Catch those here.