Bethesda will “probably” remain silent at E3

Hoping to see Bethesda announce Elder Scrolls V at E3 next month? Best not. Same goes for that potential Elder Scrolls MMO — the publisher is “probably not” going to make any announcement at the mammoth event.

VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines explains the reasoning, “I just don’t think E3 is a great place to announce anything. It’s just so much stuff going on that it tends to get lost, so I think we tend to try and go outside of that window for new announcements.”

And what better place to look to than their very own QuakeCon a few months later; Hines believes Bethesda has “a lot of new things” to show and the press can still get hands-on time with the games at E3, but as for any announcements, the company’s “more inclined to do them at events like QuakeCon,” he says.

QuakeCon 2010 takes place on August 12th through the 15th.