Clegg wins virtual Xbox Live UK PM race

Before the historic 2008 US presidential election, Xbox Live ran a non-scientific poll of its users in order to predict the winner; it was correct. The poll successfully predicted Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain, 43 percent to 31 percent. This year, Xbox Live focused its political poll on the heated United Kingdom Prime Minister campaign and believes they have determined the winner there as well.

The UK poll, available from April 29 to May 4, garnered over 416,000 participants who overwhelmingly chose the Liberal Dem Nick Clegg with 30 percent of the vote. David Cameron of the Conservative Party received 20.7 percent of the support and Gordon Brown’s Labour Party gained only 17.6 percent of the vote. The other 31.3 percent of Xbox Live users remained undecided.

Xbox wasn’t the only one trying to get a feel for the youth vote, as a Channel 4 poll on Facebook served up comparable results: Clegg earning 43 percent of the votes, Conservatives with 24 percent, and Labour at 23 percent. With the election just hours away, none of this means anything except, according to Microsoft Director of Xbox and Entertainment for the UK Stephen McGill, to give a “telling barometer of political attitudes amongst 18–30 year olds nationwide.”