Free Red Dead Redemption DLC detailed

Just a couple more weeks until we get to roam the wild west in Red Dead Redemption and Rockstar is already touting the game’s future downloadable content. Launching simultaneously on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live this June, the free Outlaws to the End co-op mission pack brings six new missions, additional XP rewards, and more Achievements/Trophies.

“Multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption offers players a whole new way to encounter the massive open world we’ve created, but we felt the experience would not be complete without co-op game play,” said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. “With these missions, we wanted to create new ways for players to share in the experience of engaging with this amazing landscape.”

Rockstar has released details of three of these missions, the first called ‘Walton’s Gold’ where players have to fight through a gold laden mining camp in order to load a mine cart with stolen gold, then rushing out before the place explodes. ‘Ammunition’ is the second mission, with players tasked to storm the enemy controlled town of Tesoro Azul (Blue Treasure) in order to destroy artillery placements. The final mission revealed, and possibly our favorite, is named ‘The River’ and puts players on a raft riding adventure, taking out rebel encampments and dodging enemy rafts carrying Gatling guns, all in an attempt to secure an enemy stronghold and their huge weapons caches.

Check the shots below for glimpses into these missions.