New Red Faction reveal “later this month”

THQ will be shining the light on their new Red Faction title slightly sooner than expected; previously though to be an E3 reveal, the new game will instead be unveiled later this month, CEO Brian Farrell said today.

While discussing creating launch demand for all their future core titles on the company’s earnings call today, the executive said that we should see what he means later this month.

“I think you’ll see that in spades,” Farrell said. “You’ll see it in the way we unveil [the next Red Faction] later this month.”

Details on the title are still scarce, though Farrel did add that it builds on one of the weaker points of last year’s Red Faction: Guerrilla — the storyline.

Red Faction‘s always been a technological showpiece, and we wanted to add production values in terms of story and environment this year. And when you see the new Red Faction, it’s just a much more appealing game universe.”