Sid Meier’s Pirates! swash-buckles itself onto the Wii this fall

Here’s an announcement somewhat out of left field: 2K has sent word that 2004’s Sid Meier’s Pirates! will be getting one final port when it comes to the Wii this fall. “We are big fans of the Wii and think Pirates! is the perfect game to bring to that platform,” said Sid Meier, whose own company and original developer Firaxis Games won’t be handling the port, as those duties have been handed over to 2K China.

I love this game. It’s incredibly well designed, and the cartoony visuals have withstood the test of time pretty well. Plus the game has already been translated to consoles very successfully on the original Xbox (and a pretty damn good PSP version to boot), so no worries about a lack of mouse and keyboard. Hopefully the waggle controls are good enough to make this latest trip through the Caribbean worthwhile.