Alan Wake DLC to improve on facial animations

Writing on the game’s official forums, Remedy’s development director Markus Mäki has said that the somewhat dodgy facial animations seen in the soon-to-be-released Alan Wake will be improved upon in the game’s post-launch add-on content.

Development of the action thriller taught the studio “a lot” in that department.

“We have a few different methods of doing facial animation – in-game using FaceFX and motion capture used in cinematics,” he explains. “While I think it’ll always be possible to get ‘fugly’ single frames out of any game we definitely learned a lot doing Alan Wake, and will try to improve the way we do things to get best possible looking facials. In fact, we’re using some of the improvements in the DLC production already.”

He added: “It’s not alone a matter of the method how or where the facial capture is done, it’s about the run-time animation techniques available, skeleton setup and so on. It’s a complex problem trying to dodge the Uncanny Valley.”

The first DLC episode has already been announced and is said to use the EA ‘project ten dollar’ approach; buy the game new, get the first DLC for free. There are no details on the contents quite yet, but apparently we should think of it as “a Christmas special“.