Castle Crashers still coming to PSN, has the gameplay footage to prove it

So remember when The Behemoth announced that the decidedly awesome Castle Crashers would be heading over to PSN? It’s okay if you don’t, because it happened last July. Since then there hasn’t been a peep said about the announced port, but the ‘Mayor of Behemothtown’ Kelly Revak wanted to let the PS3 holdouts know that their their “indefatigable programmers have been working their little fingers to the bone to make this game perfect for you.”

As to when the game will actually be released, the mighty Chicken (yes, the mighty Chicken) replied with a rather blunt “We don’t know!”, but they do say that development is nearing completion, as they have entered what they hope to be the final round of testing. Until that point, you can watch the characters play volleyball in the video above.