Kane & Lynch sequel was “totally obvious”

Despite the average review scores and the Jeff Gerstmann controversy surrounding its launch, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men went on to sell a lot of copies for developer IO Interactive, game director Karsten Lund has revealed. Not only that, it was apparently also one of the best-selling new intellectual properties of 2007.

“We don’t see it as the failure that the rest of the world saw it as. It sold a lot of copies; actually, it was one of the best-selling new IPs of the year,” Lund tells MTV Multiplayer. “We’re still in love with the characters and the whole gritty tone and the uniqueness of the franchise”.

Regardless, despite the sequel being “totally obvious,” IO recognized that Dead Men was not a perfect game. “We agreed that we had some mixed reviews and some of it, to a certain extent, we agreed with. So we needed to do something to it.” The result was a list of five of the game’s faults that had to be fixed in order to ensure a more positive critical reception for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Those being: a fixed cover system, overhauled aiming and shooting mechanics, smarter AI, better visuals and added online cooperative play.

Still, the game has to be played for players to ‘get it’, Lund says. “You just have to pick it up and try it. It might look like a bumpy ride from the outside, but once you sit there you get the feeling.”

“I’d say try it. Try it, try it. That’s the only way to be sure.”