Nintendo releases financial report, sells lots of games

Nintendo has released their financial report for 2009 and show off some impressive worldwide figures.

On the Wii side of things, Wii Sports Resortnow included in each Wii system — sold 16.14 million copies while Wii Fit Plus reached 12.65 million units sold. Stuck firmly in the middle of the two accessory dependent titles is the late-comer New Super Mario Bros. Wii which, despite being released in November, managed to shift 14.7 million discs.

Over on the handheld market, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks moved 2.61 million cartridges yet was outsold by the Japanese exclusive Tomodachi – a social game in the vein of The Sims – which sold 3.2 million. A final notable mention goes to Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold which combined sold 8.4 million units.