PC’s Splinter Cell: Conviction patch adds DLC support

The PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction has received a new patch (v1.02, direct link), the notes for which indicate that Ubisoft is soon making downloadable content available to PC users to as well.

The company’s been releasing free items like new weapons and outfits for free every Thursday since the console versions’ launch last month. And recently, there’s been talk of some additional, “killer DLC,” as well.

Catch the full notes below.

– Added DLC support
– Fixed many disconnection and divergences issues in coop modes.
– Added Multi-GPU support for SLI/Crossfire (remaining issues on ATI side)
– Added ATI Eyefinity support (we are waiting on a validation by AMD for theEyefinity Ready official stamp)
– Some configuration specific divergences fixes, crashs et minor bugs
– Graphic glitches when running in low visual quality:
– Improve performances and some flickering issues.
– Low-end video card optimizations.
– Fixed Microsoft Wireless X360 controller not being detected properly with some drivers.
– Fixed interaction buttons overlapping in certain resolutions/aspect ratios.
– GTX400 Nvidia video card support (removed the error message)
– Various minor fixes.