LittleBigPlanet 2 deets pile in

When it rains, it pours; following earlier confirmation of LittleBigPlanet 2 in June’s GameInformer, a slew of details lifted from the mag have hit the web. From the looks of it, Media Molecule are trying to pull out all the stops with this one, making LBP2 sound more like Play God: The Game than a sequel to the little platformer with the big level editor.

In fact, platformer isn’t even the right word to describe LBP2; Media Molecule seems to think that you’ll be able to create your own shooters, racers, even RPGs this time around. Don’t ask us how the heck that’s even possible, but the staff had apparently set up a Command & Conquer-esque game to demonstrate what they meant. Looks like Sackboy’s really going for gold this time.

New tools allow players to create their own HUD, complete with health bars etc, and customise control schemes for vehicles via “the driver’s seat”. This is set to put a stop to the simple (and boring) “hold R1 to go” approach to vehicles in the first game. Now you’ll be able to drive vehicles with more options the way you want to.

You’ll probably remember that despite being able to kill of Sackboy in the original title, enemies only followed very basic commands and never posed much of a threat. Not so with LBP2; using the driver’s seat tool again, an enemy (named Sackbot) can have routines set, weak points made, and (strangely) set things like heights to be afraid of.

There are loads of other little improvements too, like more gadgets, the ability to record your own voice/sound clips, you can even queue up levels to download when you’re out of the house.

On the story mode side, things are reportedly very similar, though taking Sackboy time traveling this time instead of a world tour. He’ll visit the Renaissance period (no doubt to hang with Ezio) before shooting off to Cold War era (no doubt to hang with Snake) and beyond.

It all sounds pretty darn ambitious, especially with a 2010 release date in mind. Media Molecule hit the ground running with the first LBP, creating an arguably revolutionary title, but it appears we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Oh and all LBP1 DLC transfers over! Yes!