Quantum Theory is no Gears of War, honestly

It looks like Gears of War, plays like Gears of War, and sounds like Gears of War but brother, it ain’t Gears of War. That’s what Tecmo Koei boss Yoshiki Sugiyama thinks about Quantum Theory anyway. Could have fooled us.

CVG asked how the title differentiates itself from Epic’s blockbuster, to which Sugiyama replied, “While the style may share similar traits of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by hardened warriors it’s the co-operation between our two characters that makes Quantum Theory so unique.” Well, Gears is a pretty co-op focused game too, but we’ll let him finish.

“The fact you have to physically manipulate this spectacularly acrobatic partner while launching your own assaults makes for an interesting new dynamic – and of course the battle ground is always changing and shifting.” To be fair, Marcus and co aren’t the most “acrobatic” of space marines; with logs for legs and arms, so I guess there are differences.

Sugiyama put the issue to bed, saying, “If gamers assume they know what awaits them, if they assume Quantum Theory is going to be just another shooter, they’re going to be surprised.” We’ll have to wait for the game to release later in the year to see if he’s right.