Remedy “betting the farm” on Alan Wake

Remedy’s future will be determined solely by how well Alan Wake performs financially, head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen has said. After selling off their Max Payne property, the Finnish studio was “in a good place” and invested everything back into “the love of making videogames,” he’s told CVG, and the success or failure of Alan Wake “will ultimately set us up for how we continue and how many videogames we can make in the future.”

Should the game perform poorly, “we’ll be selling hotdogs in Helsinki. Really.”

The critical response so far has been encouraging though; the review embargo lifted earlier in the week has brought forth quotes like “an atmosphere so unnerving you’ll sleep with the lights on for a month,” “one of the most intense and gripping story experiences of the year,” “as good as we expected,” “a spectacular, memorable experience”; so they should be good.

The game’s out in about a week; May 14 in Europe and the 19th in North America.