Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project rated for Xbox 360

While you may want to “break a broom handle off in the ass” of 3D Realms for never allowing you to “kick ass and chew bubblegum” in Duke Nukem Forever, it appears we could get a little Duke goodness in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade re-release of the 2002 side-scroller, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

Eurogamer reports that an entry in the ESRB’s ratings database lists the title for Xbox 360, and there have been previous hints for the game releasing on Xbox Live Arcade. Back in November 2009, an update discovered on Rebecca Heineman’s LinkedIn profile suggested that she had been working on the re-release; and just last month, a listing for Manhattan Project was found on the Korean Game Rating Board.

As Duke Nukem said himself in Manhattan Project: “Life is like a box of ammo.”

Erm… because you never know what you’re going to get.