No EA Sports Online Pass? No online play for you!

In a move to further combat used games sales, EA is expanding on its ‘project ten dollar’ way of thinking; in order to play the publisher’s upcoming sports titles online, players will need to own an Online Pass.

The pass — included with all new copies ($10 if purchased separately) — gives players access to “online services, features and bonus content” which includes, yes, online play.

The company has used a similar approach in the past with Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. New copies of both games come with a code that has given players access to free downloadable content like additional missions (ME2) and multiplayer map variations (BFBC2).

Locking out online play is different though, so a free 7-day trial per EA Sports title is available.

Next month’s Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 is the first to implement the approach. Check the video above for an illustrated explanation.