Rebellion staff laid off, accusations of withheld redundancy pay, wages

We’ll be happy when we can stop writing posts like this. Rogue Warrior dev studio Rebellion Derby has laid off “nearly all its staff.” And to make matters worse, accusations of withheld wages and redundancy payments are being thrown around too.

A former employee of the studio told Develop, “What I understand from the guys left in Derby — there are about 5 of them, I think — is that they were told to go home, still with no explanation of what was happening with the money they are owed.”

“Come pay day, after clearing the office, the [affected staff] didn’t get the wages for April’s pay, and those due redundancy money that month didn’t get it either.”

Elsewhere in the report, sources allege that in order to avoid hefty redundancy packages to staff who have served the studio for 20 years, Rebellion are aiming to declare their Derby offices bankrupt.

“They seem to be claiming that as Rebellion Derby is registered as a separate legal entity, and it’s not currently making money, that there is no money to pay their remaining, and [recently departed] employees,” said the source.

“The feeling amongst those who have been left is that it looks like they will be putting the studio into liquidation in order to get out of paying the packages that they have agreed.”

Back in March it was revealed that the Derby office was to shut down, with staff moved to Rebellion’s Oxford or Runcorn studios. Sadly, it seems they weren’t so lucky.