Remedy “pretty damn far from disappointed” by Alan Wake reviews

Alan Wake‘s current Metacritic average of 84 has left developer Remedy “pretty damn far from disappointed,” Mikko Rautalahti, a writer for the game, has written on the game’s official forums. While admitting that it’d be nice if the score was higher, the amount of praise reviewers have given the title has made the developers feel “pretty good about the whole thing,” he says.

“Clearly, it’s been a critical success … there’s a lot of love for Alan Wake out there, and we’d have to be complete goddamn idiots to not be satisfied with that. I mean, sure, the next time, we definitely hope to top that, it’s nice to have something to aim for, but we’re pretty damn far from disappointed.”

The existence of Alan Wake 2 has been said to be decided by the first game’s sales, something Rautalahti reiterates once more, “… it’s certainly no secret that we’d love to make a second one if the first one does well. But since the game isn’t even out yet, it’s really up in the air.”

But something tells me they’re optimistic.