Split/Second not threatened by “bland” Blur

UK-based Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios is not threatened by fellow countrymen Bizarre and their ‘adult Mario KartBlur. The competition is very bland looking and unexciting, senior effects programmer David Gillham says.

Both games are “on the same bandwagon,” what with the action racing and explosions, but take different approaches, “…I just feel that from what I’ve seen, I haven’t played it, I just don’t think they’ve pulled it off and visually it’s very bland, it didn’t excite me at all and I never really saw it as a threat.”

Lead effects programmer Hussain Sheikh agrees on the different approaches, saying that Blur is “not something you can just pick up and play” and that it feels it’s more sim than arcade.

He adds: “I’m going to give Blur credit where it’s due, the online multiplayer they’re doing is really awesome it’s very good.” But, of course, Split/Second “is much better.”

“The whole Power Play, big moments, the spectacular that’s going on in Split/Second is better than what you get in Blur.”

Both games are due out later this month.