Fable III getting more furry friends

Not that Fable II‘s familiar blend of swashbuckling and sorcery wasn’t fun, but hands down the best part of the game was the incorporation of a four-legged friend. Everyone knows babies and animals will steal the spotlight every time, including Lionhead Studios, who will be including much more of the latter in Fable III. Though there’s been no mention specifically of the return of your beloved canine companion, the third installment will have a veritable menagerie of other furry friends.

“The lack of animals in the Fable franchise is always something that has bothered me,” shared Lead Artist John McCormack with Beauty of Games.  “[For Fable III] we’ve built bats, crows, rabbits, ducks, robins, vultures, lizards, rats, butterflies, moths, insect swarms, dogs, fireflies, geese and we even started on a cow.”

That’s nice and all, but they better bring back the dog. It would be great if they threw wide the proverbial barn doors and allowed players to choose between several different animal companions depending on their style of play – horses for speed, falcons for stealth, panthers for strength and maybe even a couple of ferrets for comic relief – but at the very least they better bring back the dog. He helped find buried treasure, attacked enemies, performed tricks and not once went number two on the living-room carpet. Not once.

Seriously Molyneux, bring back the dog.