EA to release 3 Need for Speed games within 10 months

EA currently has three Need for Speed titles in development, and all of them will be released before April 2011, EA’s fiscal year 2010 results show today.

First up is the PC-only Need for Speed World, the only one that’s been formally announced so far. This MMO-flavored racer will be out in the July – September 2010 window.

The other two are yet to be announced, though one of them is known to be in the works at Burnout developer Criterion and is expected to be revealed at E3 next month. We reckon this is the one that’s penciled in for a Q3 fiscal 2011 release (Oct-Nov 2010, Platforms: console, handheld/mobile, PC).

The third and final one is also a TBA title and is scheduled for Q4 fiscal 2011 (Jan-Mar 2011). This one is skipping handhelds and mobiles and can be expected on home consoles and PC.