“Extensive update” scheduled for Counter-Strike: Source

One of Valve’s most popular games is getting a major update soon. Counter-Strike: Source is going to receive treatment similar to that of Day of Defeat: Source, making it another game to share some similar features with Team Fortress 2.

Of the many features to come to the shooter, one big one will be achievements, actually 144 of them to be exact. Also included will be lifetime player stats and summary screens/”interesting fact about a player” as end-of-round MVP displays. The scoreboard will be updated to display avatars and icons, some of which will reflect the domination and revenge system that is to be integrated. Add to this the “many Source engine updates” and you’ve got quite the “extensive update”.

Interestingly enough, Valve worked on this in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment, the same studio that brought us Defense Grid: The Awakening. The currently-in-a-beta update has already filled all of its limited slots, however it seems Valve will waste no time in getting the it out to the masses: “This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all,” they write on the download page.