Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition deets

Bethesda has announced details of Fallout: New Vegas‘ Collector’s Edition. As you would expect, it’s full of stuff you’ll coo over for 10 minutes before tossing it aside and actually playing the game.

Those things include, Lucky 7 poker chips, representing each of the major casinos located in the game, a “recreation of the game’s highly coveted Lucky 38 platinum chip” and a deck of playing cards. The latter isn’t as crap as it sounds. As seen above, each card features illustrations of the characters and factions of the game. Which is kinda cool.

In addition to this, there’s a hardcover graphic novel written by New Vegas’ creative director Chris Avellone and published by Dark Horse Comics, and a “making of” DVD.

Should all this tickle your fancy, you’ll be able to buy it for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. It’ll probably also cost millions, but Bethesda hasn’t announced a price yet. We’ll see.