Rumor: Project Natal in October

Project Natal will “definitely” launch in October; alleged words from Microsoft Saudi Arabia’s marketing man Syed Bilal Tariq.

“I do have great news to share with everybody, that Project Natal will be launched in Saudi Arabia and in the world somewhere in October,” the marketing man said on Saudi television. “We will be in a position to confirm the date after E3, which is in June. But definitely, it is going to be October 2010.”

This is unverified at best, but it does match what UK TV and radio star Jonathan Ross said some months ago: “Natal on Xbox impressive. Not quite there yet, I think, but they have until October and if they get it right… sky’s the limit.”

Naturally, expect the specific date to be nailed down at Microsoft’s Natal-only pre-E3 press conference on June 13.