Bad Company 2’s Onslaught DLC ‘researched’ for PC

Onslaught, the freshly announced 4-man cooperative mode for the five million selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2, is coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation 3. But what about PC?

DICE associate producer Barrie Tingle has taken to the shooter’s official forums to answer the question and ease minds, saying the apparent console exclusivity may not last.

“The problem we have on PC is that all our servers are dedicated with providers. Changing a server from Conquest 32 players to Onslaught 4 players cuts out 28 player slots from the total ammount available. This could have a dramatic affect on the PC online environment if enough servers changed to Onslaught,” he explains.

DICE isn’t ruling a PC release out however and is “researching how to bring it to PC without affecting players who don’t have Onslaught or their own server to run it on.”

Console players should get the mode “soon”.