Black Ops infiltrating the Wii, takes place during Cold War

The absence of a Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops has raised a bit of a question mark since the game’s announcement, seeing as developer Treyarch usually brings out a version of the game for Nintendo’s console too. Time to put the concerns to bed; the game is indeed on track for the Wii.

USA Today revealed all in an early preview of the game, and that wasn’t all they had to say. Their preview level took place in 1968 in Russia, confirming the game takes place during (and with a heavy emphasis on) the Cold War.

They also stated that the co-op mode, for 2-4 players, goes “beyond the single-player story”. So what? A new Spec-Ops mode? Nazi Communists with a Stalin/Lenin team-up?

I really, really hope it is that.