Console StarCraft II ‘a possibility’

StarCraft II on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Could just happen.

While the jump from PC to consoles is ‘not currently on Blizzard’s radar’ and won’t be happening anywhere in the near future, the possibility does exist says the game’s lead designer Chris Sigaty.

“…there have been a lot of interesting moves in that direction – taking RTS to consoles – and there’s been some pretty cool things on the control side,” he’s told CVG, but, “I still think that at least from our perspective it feels like the mouse and keyboard just lends itself to this style – but you know we’re getting closer and closer all the time.”

Once that “optimum moment” arrives however, Sigaty believes it’s “certainly possible” that Blizzard would “explore that junction”.

“It’s just not on the radar right now.”