Metro 2033 DLC revealed

That didn’t take long. Just a day after 4A Games tweeted about hoping to “take the wraps off” the first round of DLC for Metro 2033 this week, the company has done just that, presenting us with the Ranger Pack.

The DLC will bring two new weapons, a Heavy Automatic Shotgun and the Volt Driver — Miller’s signature sidearm — both of which players will need with the introduction of the new ‘Ranger Mode.’ The new game mode will have two settings: the standard mode that reduces ammo, increases weapon damage, and makes enemies even more deadly, and the hardcore mode which includes all the standard goodness but also removes the game’s HUD.

In addition to the gameplay additions, the DLC will also give Metro 2033 players new Achievement opportunities and an additional 250 Gamerscore to earn.

The Ranger Pack is slated to be released via Xbox Live and Steam in the “very near future,” with a yet to be determined price.