Test Drive Unlimited 2 open beta, addition of bikes planned

That Test Drive Unlimited 2 post-launch downloadable content that was chatted up a bit earlier will at some point include bikes. So says developer Eden Games’ director Alain Jarniou.

There “will be bikes in TDU2,” but not at launch, he says.

The reasoning ties into the completely reworked vehicle physics which the sequel sports, and the developers “need some time” to apply the new tech to the bikes as well, tech which will possibly be put through its paces in an open beta.

Despite the first game having one, Jarniou says “the difficulty of having a demo for a game like this is the fact it’s a huge island, and a huge amount of data. It’s not the best way to show the game.”

So instead, “the plan’s an open beta.” The whens and hows are up in the air for now though.