Analyst ‘certain’ Microsoft paid $75m for GTAIV, DLC exclusivity

Bringing Grand Theft Auto IV to the Xbox 360 and having Rockstar develop two substantial pieces of downloadable content as timed exclusives cost Microsoft $75 million.

Michael Pachter is certain of it.

GTA IV was going to be a PS3 exclusive, but Microsoft paid Rockstar and Take-Two to make it a non-exclusive, and they paid them a lot,” the Wedbush analyst has told Eurogamer.

“The number I’ve heard, and I’m sure this is right, is $75m, and that probably includes the funding for the first DLC packs too. It’s more than the $50m that people talk about.”

Pachter also explains how the existence of the mysterious PS3-exclusive The Agent came to be.

“Sony said to Take-Two ‘You’ve got to give us something else’ and the something else was a zombie game that Rockstar wanted to work on. But while Rockstar was in the planning phase, Dead Rising came out and Left 4 Dead was announced. Rockstar realised they were up against a saturated market and Valve. And ‘what can we possibly do that will be any better than what Valve’s done?’.

“They started again and that’s when they came up with the idea of Agent, which nobody actually knows what it is. That is the back story.”