DiRT 3 confirmed

While there’s been no proper “it’s coming and here’s a load of details!” announcement, DiRT 3 has been very much confirmed.

The Codemasters racer has been cropping up in quotes from various studio bods over the last couple of days, suggesting work on the title is well underway.

Speaking to Edge, Codemasters’ vice president Gavin Cheshire responded to a question about the studio’s success by saying, “Really, it’s all about letting the teams just innovate. There’s some great stuff coming from Birmingham that’s going into DiRT 3, and obviously you’ve seen Bodycount.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Hood, the Chief Designer on Codie’s F1 2010 has made a similar revelation to IGN. Showing off the racer’s fancy weather system Hood said, “One of the added benefits is that the weather system we’ve developed will now become part of the EGO engine so it can feed into all of our future projects such as DiRT 3.”

So there ya go. No details, no screenshots, no vids. But it’s coming. It’s definitely coming.