Isaac is striving for Drake’s good looks

Seems like if you’re an EA game these days your plan for marketing a game is either to compare it to Modern Warfare 2 (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) or Halo (Crysis 2). The guys at Visceral have now gone the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves route, stating that Dead Space 2 could “stack up very favourably” with Nathan Drake’s devilish good looks.

Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on the game spoke to Edge, saying that “Uncharted is a beautiful, completely awesome game. I think it [Dead Space 2] is going to stack up very favourably. We were very proud of what we accomplished on the first game. Obviously we go back to it quite often to look at what we did and when we compare the two, the advancements the team has been able to make from a visual perspective are unbelievable. It really looks phenomenal and it’s a major step up from the previous game visually.”

The first Dead Space was no slouch in the graphics department. Papoutsis fully expects that people are going to be “blown away” by what their art team has achieved.

It strikes me that it’s a bit odd to compare a game set in space with one that takes you through jungles and mountains visually, but you can judge for yourself with these new screens.