Molyneux, Cleese talk Fable III

Okay, one of the devs at Lionhead loves pokemon. I mean his desk is full of the little critters. See if you can spot them during this episode of Inside Lionhead while Peter Molyneux brings his legendary hype babble to your ears. He reveals a few more snippets of info about how Fable III will change your entire life.

Turn your attention back to the point of the video when John Cleese comes in though. The legendary comedy actor plays the role of your butler named Jasper, which should fit in quite nicely with his Basil Fawlty vibe. If you don’t know who the Monty Python member is then you’re in luck; the video helpfully displays his twitter address.

Cleese apparently has more lines than anyone else in the script, but don’t worry; he won’t mention the war.