PS3 sold well last year, PSP a “disappointment”

Sony is not happy with PSP’s performance as of late.

During the company’s earnings call today, CFO Bill Glaser admitted that sales for the system have been a “bit of a disappointment.” He also touched on the PS2, saying that, even though sales are slowing, it’s “amazing it is still contributing” while entering its 11th year.

The PS3 however — Sony’s gaming division’s main moneymaker — did well, even if the earnings were countered by the sluggish sales of the other systems. But there may be a remedy in the works.

During the discussion of other hardware, Glaser gave mention of future gaming platforms. “We’re always looking into future platforms as well,” he said. “Very premature to talk about future platforms, but R&D is continuing.”

Could this be the rumored PSP2?