Sony’s Move could bring “huge change” to shooter genre

Sony’s multi-hued motion sensitive controller, PlayStation Move, is going to bring “huge change[s]” to the run and gun genre according to SOCOM producer Elliot Martin. And by huge changes, he means replicating the experience afforded any Nintendo fanboy or fangirl circa Reagan’s golden years.

“With the Move controller what it allows us to do with SOCOM is have the player basically point at enemies on screen with Move as if they were aiming with a real gun in their hand,” he said in an interview with Develop. “It’s a huge change to the genre because rather than having to move the camera, you can just point and shoot. I think Move is going to make that style of game a lot more accessible to a lot more people.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this less revolutionary than “retro”-lutionary, basically another notch in the evolutionary chart of the beloved NES Zapper. Sure, much cooler because the actual camera controls are tied into the movement the “gun,” but simultaneously much lamer because said “gun” is shaped like a glow-in-the-dark marital aid. I know I’m downplaying the dramatically improved precision of Sony’s streamlined hybridization, but let’s save the “genre changing” classification for when they incorporate realistic kickback into a shooter’s controls. Perhaps blueberry-flavored gunpowder residue.