Gears of War 3 has a little RPG in it

Epic Games’ design director Cliff Bleszinski believes “the future of shooters are RPGs,” he’s told Gamasutra in a recent feature. So it’s only natural that his next, Gears of War 3, lives by those words. If even just a little.

While discussing how to keep the shooter genre fresh, Bleszinski pointed to BioShock and Borderlands as examples that have mixed the two genres successfully, briefly adding, “’ll see a little bit more RPG elements in the next Gears game that are very light.”

The designer also touched on how narrative elements from games like Heavy Rain could possibly make their way to the shooter genre.

“…game developers have a way of cross-pollinating an immense amount. Gears was influenced by Resident Evil, then Resident Evil 5 was influenced by Gears. So, maybe you’ll see elements from more RPGs, or Heavy Rain narrative style elements, start bleeding into the genre.”