POP: The Forgotten Sands’ PSP details arrive

Ubisoft producer Joel Vignola has taken to the official PlayStation blog to introduce the thus-far-MIA PSP version of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Cutting it a little close; the game’s out in less than a week.

Like the Wii version, the PSP game is designed specifically for the handheld. So specifically in fact that the 8-10 hour adventure includes a new story, new locations and even new powers for the Prince to make use of.

The gameplay itself takes a bit of a 2.5D approach. Most of it appears to be of your standard side-scrolling fare, however the Prince is “not always locked onto an axis” and “enemies can come at you from any direction”.

As for the new powers, Vignola explains: “Some of the new powers include the ability to speed up and slow down objects within the game; being able to solidify sand lets the prince create new paths, while speeding up traps can be used against enemies. You can give yourself some breathing room by slowing down traps or enemies, or increase the challenge by playing everything at full speed” — all of this can be seen from the gameplay trailer below.

Like all the other versions — that’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS (with the exception of PC) — the PSP game’s out in North America on May 18, and Europe on the 21st.

And no, it’s not based on the movie.