Exclusive PS3 content for Red Dead Redemption

Seeing that Microsoft snatched some Grand Theft Auto IV exclusivity for the Xbox 360, it would only seem fair that Sony now gets a piece of its own on Rockstar’s soon-to-be released Red Dead Redemption… unless you work at a retail store that’s broken the official street date, as it were. There’s been news about Rockstar’s latest leaving shelves early in North America rather than on the 18th as it’s supposed to. And, to the surprise of all those purchasing the game for the PS3, there was a sticker on the box including the line “PlayStation 3 exclusive content includes Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and Walton Gang Outfit.” Not quite the Episodes from Liberty City but hey, still exclusive!

So, even though Sony and Rockstar have been quiet about this – unless you’ve broken some rules and already have the game – there’s still time to change that Xbox 360 pre-order because, of course you want to ride the wild west in style, don’t you?