Last Gnome on Earth is Left 4 Dead 2’s next mutation

The next mutation for Left 4 Dead 2 has gone live and it’s entitled “Last Gnome on Earth.” A gamemode stemming from the regular Campaign mode, Last Gnome on Earth tasks the survivors, or better yet, the survivor with successfully completing a campaign while holding a lawn gnome. The common infected in turn will focus all of their attacks on the individual holding the gnome.

As for rage quitting, Valve has tallied the votes and unsurprisingly, skill balance and team disharmony were the top motivations for players to rage quit. As such, Valve suggests users take note of any player they enjoy playing with add them to their friends list to diminish the likelihood of rage quitting. It will no doubt help the probability of a successful Last Gnome on Earth run.

While we’re on the subject of mutations, Valve has mentioned that Realism Versus will become a permanent gamemode next week for owners of The Passing, which is also required to play mutations and take part in polls. The Passing is free on the PC and is 560 MS Points on Xbox 360. In the meantime, Valve is wondering what mutation players would like to see make a return in the coming weeks: Bleed Out, Follow the Liter or Last Gnome on Earth?