Nintendo DS to overtake PlayStation 2 sales

Over ten years ago, we saw the Sony PlayStation 2 emerge. Its sales numbers have been staggering, but that won’t compare to what Nintendo has to offer as far as their DS console goes, according to Anita Frazier of the NPD Group.

“The NDS is approaching the PS2 as the best-selling hardware system of all time”, say Frazier, “and by October or November of this year, it should meet or exceed the install base of the PS2.”

Since 2000, the PS2 has sold a whooping 147 million units around the world, with the NDS following tight on its heels with 129 million. That’s March 2010 included. 18 million units now separate the two and considering the improved sales of the PlayStation 3, the DS will probably overtake the PS2 by the end of the year, just as Frazier predicts.