EA: Bungie deal didn’t make financial sense

Prior to the Activision/Bungie 10-year partnership announcement, rival publisher EA was actively involved in the bidding process and was trying to recruit Bungie through its EA Partners program, the company has revealed.

The publishing giant believes the Halo creator would have been “a great fit” for the Partners label and was in “extensive” discussions in order to secure publishing duties for its new intellectual property. However, according to EA Partners general manager David DeMartini, the two couldn’t quite find terms that made mutual financial sense.

He explains: “…we have a very specific set of criteria we have in regards to our deals. It’s not good to enter into a partnership that doesn’t make financial sense for both sides.”

“We had extensive conversations with them, but could never really figure out a deal that made sense for both of us. It just didn’t come to fruition. Obviously, they were able to come up with some kind of deal that made sense to Activision and made sense to Bungie and we hope they make great games. It’s healthy for the industry to have big independent studios that are making great products.”

There’s always the future though.

He added: “I don’t want to see them fail – I want them to be successful. And when they start up a second team, we’ll have other discussions with them about that game as well – because they’re a great studio. There are probably only 20 studios in the world that are that highest level – and they’re certainly one of them.”

The new Bungie property is expected to be announced next year; this year is all about Halo: Reach, the studio has said.